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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs, Rollins CollegeStudents who enjoy learning for its own sake thrive at Rollins. That’s because we seek distinctive students who approach their love of learning with energy and curiosity—both in their classes and in their lives.

Rollins is steeped in the tradition of a love for learning and a search for truth. Hamilton Holt, our 8th president, encouraged Rollins students to “seek truth wherever truth is found; follow truth wherever truth may lead; teach truth and nothing but the truth.”

More than 50 years since his tenure, Rollins’ top-ranked liberal arts education gives you the opportunity to discover your own truth about yourself and the world. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 10-1 and small, discussion-style classes, Rollins undergraduate programs offer students an excellent academic experience in an inclusive environment, where individual integrity is expected and respected.

College of Arts & Sciences

In the College of Arts & Sciences undergraduate program, you will establish priorities, make decisions, and plan for your future in a supportive, yet challenging, environment. You may participate in focused learning groups, independent study programs, and career internships. You will be guided by your faculty adviser in choosing from more than 500 courses in 30 different majors.

Whatever you study at the College of Arts & Sciences, you will discover the advantages of the breadth, depth, and flexibility of our curriculum: select a major or design your own, prepare for medical or law school, participate in internships or study abroad, complete an accelerated program in engineering or management, conduct research with a professor or write an Honors Degree Program thesis. You will graduate with a strong foundation in the area of your choice, a broad knowledge of the world, and the ability to think critically and to write, speak, and analyze effectively and persuasively.

College of Professional Studies

A Rollins education challenges students to connect to new ideas, think critically, communicate effectively, and prepare for meaningful lives and productive careers. This is the essence of our applied liberal arts philosophy and the guiding principle behind the new College of Professional Studies. The CPS curriculum is designed for Rollins students who wish to pursue careers in the competitive fields of communication, education, and business and social entrepreneurship.

The CPS curriculum combines traditional liberal arts courses with classes devoted to specialized topics and professional training. For a Rollins student who has already decided on a career path, a CPS education offers an edge. Every CPS graduate will enter the workforce with added experience, knowledge, and confidence.

Hamilton Holt School

Founded with the nontraditional student in mind, the Hamilton Holt School undergraduate program is devoted to excellence in every aspect of higher learning. Rollins’ evening programs offer 10 majors leading to the bachelor’s degree and feature roundtable classes where academically distinguished professors know your name, your potential, and your dream.

Key features of the undergraduate program at the Hamilton Holt School are the excellent reputation recognized by employers, the superior teaching offered in every class, the competitively priced tuition, the generous tuition discounts and scholarships, the convenient Winter Park location, the flexible class times, and the faculty who concentrate on teaching and learning and who are supportive of the adult learner.

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“Rollins is not merely a preparation for life—it is life itself—and that is why the students love it so.”

-Hamilton Holt, the eighth president of Rollins College


Hamilton Holt, Rollins College