International Pride

November 12, 2012

SRC0008 Womens Golf International Flags_20121109_5870.jpg
Since 2008, the women’s golf team has sported flags representing their nationality on their shoes and golf bags. (Photo by Scott Cook)

SRC0008 Womens Golf International Flags_20121109_5985.jpg
Elin Marcsdottir ’13 of Sweden, Clara Teixeira ’15 of Brazil, and Momo Sakuragi ’16 of Japan show off their international flags. (Photo by Scott Cook)

Rollins’ women’s golf team is recognized not only for their rankings and championships, but for a unique tradition shared among members of the team. In tribute to their origins, they proudly display their country’s flags on their shoes and golf bags. The tradition started in 2008, when there was only one American on the team. Due to the diversity of the group, they wanted to showcase their home countries. Thus, a tradition was born.

Golfers often express themselves and their personalities through their equipment. The golf team members are proud to show off where they are from. For Clara Teixeira ’15, who’s from Brazil, the flag represents who she is, but she also just simply likes it.

This year’s team showcases six American flags, a Brazilian flag, a Japanese flag, and a Swedish flag.

November 12-16 is International Education Week (IEW), which celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. A joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, IEW is part of their efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and encourage students from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States. Learn more about IEW events on campus.

By Liz Guardado ’16

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