Hamilton Holt first visits Rollins College.

Hamilton Holt first visits Rollins College.
Holt returns to the Rollins campus from his summer home in Woodstock, CT.

 April 16



First “Orlando Day,” a program to integrate work of the College into its neighboring communities, is held.



  Second Knowles Hall is built.


 January 13



Woman’s Club of Winter Park created.

Women's Club, 1924
Members of the Women's Club of Winter Park, pictured here with their spouses





Women’s Club of Winter Park building is completed.





Hamilton Holt becomes eighth president of Rollins College.

Hamilton Holt, Rollins College
Hamilton Holt hard at work at his desk



Alumni Office is established and A.J. Hanna ’17 is elected executive secretary and editor of the Alumni Record.





Mayflower Hall is built.

Rollins Hall, Rollins College
Rollins Hall




Pugsley Hall is built.



  Rollins Hall is dedicated.




Tiedtke Tennis Complex is built.

 February 24


  Honorary degree awarded to Thomas Alva Edison.

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