Frederick Lyman

Frederick LymanFrederick Lyman, a Minneapolis business and civic leader, retired in Winter Park in 1882 and helped found the Congregationalist Church. Being a strong advocate for the idea of a college in Florida, he became heavily involved in the establishment of Rollins College. Lyman served as Winter Park’s spokesman at the Orange City meeting during which proposals were given for the town where the college would be built. With Winter Park reigning victorious, he hosted a celebration at his house and then got to work almost immediately. While a generous gift had been offered by Alonzo Rollins, more money was needed. Lyman worked alongside Rev. Hooker to raise the capital needed to build and furnish several buildings on campus, securing donations for Knowles Hall, Pinehurst, and Cloverleaf (to name just a few). His involvement did not end there, however, as Lyman himself donated the money to build a gymnasium, Lyman Gymnasium, and another dormitory hall, Lyman Hall, which completed the first building phase for the College.

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