Above & Beyond

Your education at Rollins begins in the classroom, where your work will be fulfilling, intriguing, and rewarding. But there’s more to learning than what happens in a formal classroom setting. We fundamentally believe that what you learn in the classroom only becomes knowledge when you’re able to apply it to real-world situations. Those moments when the readings you’ve done for class come to life are a critical part of any education. They define your transition from passive receiver of information to active participant of learning. Because we understand the importance of learning above and beyond the traditional lecture and rote memorization process, we emphasize the many ways your academic experience can be enhanced and allow you to transition from someone who learns in order to make a living to someone who lives in order to learn.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research, Rollins College

Beginning your freshman year, you will encounter countless opportunities to work closely with your professors on meaningful undergraduate research. You will work to find solutions to serious problems and have access to the resources, technology, and individualized guidance usually reserved for graduate students.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Rollins College

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) encourages and promotes student, faculty, and staff involvement within local and global communities. Through academic service-learning courses, community-based research, innovative community service programs and resources, OCE is deeply committed to fostering a lifelong commitment to social justice, civic engagement, and social responsibility in every member of the Rollins Community.

Field Study & Courses

Field Studies, Rollins College

By incorporating off-campus field studies into your academic experience, you will be able to see firsthand how what you learn impacts real people. These incredible learning experiences will take you around the country and the world to places like the Dominican Republic, the Peruvian Amazon, Costa Rica, Greece, England, China, Kenya, Turkey, Italy, and Australia, among others.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad, Rollins College

You will have access to one of the most robust and comprehensive study abroad programs in the country. Rollins was the first American college to establish a study abroad program in Australia, and has partnered with acclaimed institutions in England, Germany, and Spain as well. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to live and learn in more than two dozen countries around the world.


Internships, Rollins College

Whether it’s down the street or half a world away, you will find an internship program at Rollins that provides connections with elite organizations and institutions. One student recently interned at the British Parliament—as part of Rollins’ acclaimed London Internship Program—while others have interned at NBC, the United Nations, Citibank, the Orlando Ballet, American Express, and with the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL.

Service Learning

Life is for Service, Rollins College

Since Rollins’ founding in 1885, the College has built a special relationship with Winter Park and Orlando through its commitment to serving the community. You will become an active social citizen through service-learning courses, as well as through such programs as the City of Winter Park Fellows program and Habitat for Humanity.

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Alternative Spring Breaks Blend Academics and Altruism

Student with a child in Guatemala, Rollins College
Lounging on beaches or catching up on zzzz’s back home are just two of the ways students typically spend the seven glorious days of spring break. But for about 50 Rollins students, spring break 2010 presented the opportunity to spend some time actively engaged in global citizenship as well as the chance to bridge the gap between academics and altruism, textbooks and travel. More...