The english & literature undergraduate degree program at Rollins College features small class sizes and renowned faculty.

If you love literature, reading, writing, and thinking, then this major is for you.

Studying English at Rollins gives you a deep understanding of the agonies and triumphs of the human condition as well as the creative endeavors of the human imagination. The skills of analysis, synthesis, and communication you develop through your studies prepare you for success in both your career and life.  

Experience a wide range of approaches to literature and writing and have the opportunity to create your own individualized program reflecting your interests and passions. In addition to a variety of choices in English, American, and world literatures, you can dip your quills into a broad selection of writing courses.  

You’ll graduate with extensive practice in skills widely valued by employers, including the ability to communicate ideas effectively in both writing and speech, the skill to analyze complex problems and synthesize diverse solutions, familiarity with unfamiliar cultures and historical eras, and practice working cooperatively.  

Your biggest challenge won’t be finding a job; it will be selecting from the large number of choices.

Major and Minor Requirements

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This area of study is also available through the Hamilton Holt School.