International Business

Get more than a traditional business degree.

The challenging major blends advanced courses in international business with modern languages and an array of multidisciplinary electives from traditional liberal arts disciplines. You can combine the International Business major/minor with a variety of majors or minors including Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish as well as Asian studies, Australian studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, Middle Eastern & North African studies, sustainable development or environmental studies.

What you get:

  • learn from distinguished international faculty coming from France, Ghana, Israel, Russia, Switzerland, U.K., and the U.S.;
  • develop writing, communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills which are needed to be successful in today’s global economy;
  • build cross-cultural competencies;
  • become proficient in a second language;
  • participate in a globally focused business internship;
  • achieve cultural immersion through travel or study trips abroad.

Program Requirements

8 core international business courses focusing on international accounting, economics, statistics, marketing, operations management, management information systems, finance, and global strategy.

2 foreign language courses which can include Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

2 international business electives which can included global sports business, global entertainment business, international advertising, international real estate, global franchising.

1 international business internship

  • Participate in a Rollins international internship program.
  • Find your own summer internship abroad.
  • Find a local internship with and complete reflection paper on some aspect of international business.

1 International Experience

  • Participate in a Rollins semester abroad program.
  • Participate in an approved study abroad course.
  • Be an international student studying in the U.S.

Visit the Rollins catalogue to access the program requirements.

Sample Courses

INB 200 Introduction to International Business
Introduces basic concepts and examines key forces impacting international business. Examines global, political, economic, cultural, legal, demographic, geographic, and historical processes to understand how the world economy functions. Discusses international institutions, country market evaluations, foreign direct investment, the multinational company and its functions (organizational behavior, finance, marketing, operations), as well as the ethical environment of global business.

INB 337 International Marketing Management
Examines strategic marketing and market entry decisions in the context of dynamic global, regional, and country market forces. Emphasizes how international marketers standardize and adapt product/service, pricing, channel, and communication strategies to meet target market needs and company objectives. Students will develop a comprehensive international marketing plan for a specified product or service.

INB 372 International Financial Management
Introduces theory and practice of international finance. Topics include global monetary system, international currency exchanges, capital mobility, central banks, and financial aspects of international trade theory, foreign direct investments, regional economic integration, and specialized institutions (i.e., International Monetary Fund -- IMF)


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