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Business Administration

The Rollins MBA at the Crummer Graduate School of Business is consistently ranked a top MBA program by Forbes and BusinessWeek. It is among a select group of elite business schools in the nation that have been accredited at the graduate level and is distinguished by its faculty and the academic and business successes of its alumni, who hold some of the most prestigious positions in some of the world's most successful organizations.


The Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling is a 60-semester-hour program designed to prepare individuals to enter the field of mental health counseling in the twenty-first century. The program includes all courses, practica, and internships required by the State of Florida for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor. The curricula include didactic courses, seminars, laboratory courses, and practical experiences necessary to pursue a counseling career in a wide array of community-based settings.


Teachers are vital to our future. An educated citizenry is essential if the United States is to remain competitive in the global marketplace and if we are to solve many complex social and economic problems. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a state-approved teacher education program designed to prepare individuals who have obtained the bachelor’s degree for careers in elementary education. The M.Ed. in Elementary Education is a 36-semester-hour advanced studies program designed for certified elementary teachers. This rigorous academic program offers courses in practical areas to expand proficiency of experienced classroom teachers.

Human Resources

Today, human resource professionals face significant challenges. Global competition and the increasing pace of global change, changing expectations, information technology, and culturally diverse workforces are just a few of the challenges facing us. Successful leadership demands innovative thinking, dynamic strategies, and serious commitment. The Master of Human Resources Program focuses on developing the concepts and knowledge needed for human resource managers to excel in today's competitive environment.

Liberal Studies

The Master of Liberal Studies Program is based on the premise that studying the great ideas of Western civilization leads to increased intellectual awareness and self-fulfillment. Students also explore how these ideas apply to the problems that humans have confronted over the ages, and they consider the moral dimensions of the contemporary issues that they address each day. They read great books to revisit ideas and insights that emerged centuries ago and to examine their relevance to our complex world. The program fosters analytical and critical thinking skills that enable individuals to comprehend issues that continue to challenge and perplex us.

Planning in Civic Urbanism

The Master of Planning in Civic Urbanism will provide the skills you need to help cities and towns shape their futures. The program combines classroom work, professional expertise, studio projects, and internships to prepare you for a career in either private practice or government. Grounded in the liberal arts, the program will emphasize integrated knowledge rather than the technical aspects of the field of urban planning.

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MBA Students to Korea, Rollins College

MBA Students Travel to South Korea

The Rollins MBA program at the Crummer Graduate School of Business offers many opportunities for students to obtain experience conducting business abroad. This summer, Professor of International Business Allen Kupetz sponsored a program which included a one-week business trip to Seoul, South Korea. Prior to departure, the students were to conduct initial research for the project, establish contacts, schedule their own meetings and prepare a detailed action-plan for the visit itself. More...