Types of Aid

There are four basic types of financial aid - Scholarships, Grants, Loans, and Employment.  Please follow the links below for information regarding each type.



2014-2015 Yearly Amount


     Merit Scholarships $15,000 up to full tuition, room, and board Awarded as part of the admission process.
     Bright Futures $77 or $103 per credit hour Awarded in high school senior year.
     Athletic Scholarships Varies Contact coach
     Outside Scholarships Varies  
     Federal Pell Grant $0 - $5,730 Need; complete FAFSA
     SEOG $2,000 Need; complete FAFSA by March 1st
     Rollins Grant $200 - $32,000 Need; complete FAFSA by March 1st
     Florida Student Assistance Grant $2,500 Need and Florida resident; complete FAFSA by March 1st
     Florida Resident Access Grant $3,000 Florida resident; complete Florida Residency Affidavit
      Yellow Ribbon Program Up to full tuition Eligible military veterans and dependents.
     Federal Stafford Loans $200 - $12,500 FAFSA and grade level
     Federal Perkins Loan $1,000 FAFSA and need; complete by March 1st
     Federal Parent PLUS Loans COA - other aid Credit-eligible borrower
     Federal GRAD PLUS Loans COA - other aid FAFSA; credit-eligible borrower
     Private Student Loans COA - other aid Credit-eligible borrower
Work Study    
     Federal College Work Study Up to $2,000 Apply for positions in the summer