Featured Student
Meghan Gordon

Meghan Gordon

Grad Year: 2011

Theatre Emphasis: Performance

Are you a theatre scholarship holder?

Yes - Friends of the Annie.


Why did you choose Rollins?

I came to campus on a random Tuesday while students were going about their lives, I remember standing on Mills Lawn and getting goose bumps. That’s when I knew. Rollins was also the only place where I could truly pursue all of my interests fully without compromise.


When did you first become interested in the theatre?

Growing up in Celebration, FL (a town built by Disney) it wasn’t particularly optional, but more of a way of life. My first exposure to the stage completely broke me out of my shell and ever since I was addicted to all of it-- to every single facet of a production. I never wanted to be in the spotlight per se, but everything about how a show goes on, and the self-discovery that comes from acting has left a lasting hold on my heart. 

On an emotional or intellectual level, what will you take with you when you graduate? 

“Life is what happens while you are busy making plans.”



What are you currently working on within the department?  (this could be a class project, a production, an audition piece, etc...)

Studying for the LSAT backstage while running costume crew for The Sweetest Swing in Baseball.  

What outside activities are you involved with? (campus clubs, work studies, etc...)

Rollins College Mock Trial- Founder and Captain

Rollins ONE Campaign- President

Rollins Players

Rollins Varsity Crew Team

Anything else about YOU you want to include?

Fiction has to be less strange than life itself. If it weren’t we would have nothing to draw from, and no experience to relate to and act out. I have always been an actor who plays at life, it’s more fun that way—at least you know your life will come in acts and phases, the lows are met with highs, dramatic irony abounds, conflict emerges and is resolved, and when all is said and done you’ve created something beautiful for yourself to experience.

Executive member and student teacher of Rollins Dancers and voluntary work with Community Service of Engagement