Annie Russell Theatre Guild


The Annie Russell Theatre Guild was formed in 1998 to promote and support the Annie Russell Theatre and the students of the Rollins College Department of Theatre & Dance.

In order to help promote The Annie, the Guild has the following goals:

  • Sponsor events that heighten community interest, awareness and involvement with the Annie Russell Theatre.
  • Sponsor projects that help to enrich the educational experience of our Rollins theatre students.
  • Support students in individual projects and endeavors related to their education.


The Annie Russell Theatre Guild meets five times a year. Additionally, the Guild sponsors picnics for the cast and crew on second Saturdays of each production, and sponsors a festive celebration each December for Theta Alpha Phi members.


For more information on becoming a Guild member, please call Chelsea Hilend at 407-646-2253. She will connect you with current Guild President, Sandi Goldish. You can also visit the Guild on Facebook.


President – Sandi Goldish

Vice President - Lorraine Wood

Secretary - Linda Heinl

Picnic Coordinator - Donna Waddell

Treasurer - Anilda Ward


Missy Barnes

Janet Boss

Marilyn Butler

Nancy Deutsch

Arden Fritchen

Barbara Gold

Mercy James

Donna Miller

Polly Seymour

Linda Sherry

Sharon Smyth

Associate Members – Dolores Beck, Harriett Lake
Honorary Members – Dr. Rita Bornstein, Dr. Elizabeth Brothers, Winifred M. Warden