Wish List

Annie Russell’s Wish List

It takes more than dedication and talent to produce a full season of theatre, it also takes resources.  We are so grateful to our patrons who have helped us achieve the level of success you see today.  

Below is our wish list for the current year.  If you are able to help us move towards these goals, you will be directly contributing to the experience of both current and future students!

$50..... One hour of piano accompaniment for theatre workshops or auditions

$100..... Scholarship for one student to attend an upcoming theatre conference

$400..... Printing of programs for one production

$500..... Video Recorder for classroom use

$3500..... Hossfeld metal bender for the Scenic Shop

$15,000..... New Cyc Lighting Instruments (8 total) for The Annie

$35,000..... New chairs for the Fred Stone Theatre

If you are interested in donating to the Annie Russell Theatre to support goals like these and many more, please contact Chelsea Hilend at 407-646-2253.


The Wish Granters

Harriett Lake granted our $10,000 wish for a van to transport scenery and costumes.

Wynee Warden granted our $2,500 wish for fall-arrest safety equipment, part of the 2010 theatre upgrade.

Harriett Lake granted our $5,000 wish for a new marley dance floor for Rollins Dance XXIV.

Annie Russell Theatre Guild granted a $1500 wish for advertising funds.