Become a Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteer

What is Rollins Alumni Career Network?

Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteers are a network of alumni designated on LinkedIn who are willing to assist Rollins students and other alumni with career preparation, transition, industry insight and related job search advice. LinkedIn is the #1 social networking site so it makes sense to utilize this platform as a mechanism for students and alumni to connect virtually.  We encourage Rollins alumni to become network volunteers on LinkedIn where they can share their expertise and time to help current students and other alumni in their career preparation and job search. While there are several resource tools available to those beginning or changing career fields, often the most helpful information is shared by individuals, like yourself, who are working in or who have previous work experience in specific fields.

To designate yourself as a Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteer, you will need to update your existing LinkedIn profile by following the directions below.  Your new designation will then show up on your LinkedIn profile under “Volunteer Experience & Causes,” signaling students and other alumni that you are willing to be contacted through LinkedIn to offer career advice.  Students and alumni may then send you a connection message, InMail message and/or a follow-up email through LinkedIn stating the type of industry or career advice they are seeking.  As a Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteer, you may be asked to  share advice on the following:  education or training that is needed in your field, skills or experience required of your specific occupation; explain positive and negative aspects of your work; depict your day‐to‐day activities; and discuss industry trends. 

If you wish to become a Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteer, please follow the directions below.

How to add the “Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteer” designation on LinkedIn


  • On your LinkedIn profile page, next to your picture, click the “Edit Profile” button
  • Under the “Background” section of your profile, there is a section called “Volunteer Experience & Causes” – hit the blue “+ add” button


  • Type Rollins College into the Organization field and click on the first option “Rollins College” Higher Education, Winter Park, FL.
  • Under Role please type word for word “Rollins Alumni Career Network Volunteer”


  • You do not need to enter a cause, date, or description
  • Click Save and you’re done!


Thank you for becoming a “Rollins Career Network Volunteer” and helping fellow students and alumni gain greater educational and career insight.

If you have any questions about being a Rollins Career Network Volunteer via LinkedIn, please contact the Office of Career Services at 407.646.2195 or



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