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The Rollins College Career & Internship Expo is held each year, mid-to-late spring term.  This event is produced by Rollins' career centers representing all of the college's programs (Arts and Sciences, College of Professional Studies, Crummer Graduate School of Business and the Hamilton Holt Evening Degree Program).

If you have questions about this event, either as a participant or as an employer, please contact the Office of Career Services at or 407-646-2195. Employers who are interested in attending or who have questions about this event can find out more by visiting the Rollins employer page.   


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What is Career & Internship Expo?

The Office of Career Services sponsors the annual Rollins College Career & Internship Expo which consists of various organizations offering full-time positions, internships and summer employment. Each organization will have a table and representatives available to discuss the various opportunities within their companies. Attending the Career & Internship Expo is a great experience that will allow you to connect with some interesting people and learn about the different fields of work available. 


Who Can Attend?

The Rollins College Career & Internship Expo is NOT just for Rollins seniors and alumni, but for first-year students, sophomores, juniors and graduate students too! It is an opportunity to network with employers, learn more about different career fields, and possibly get an internship. The Expo also provides a chance for students to gather research about different companies they may want to work for. In fact, we suggest that students attend before their senior year so they can become familiar with the format of a Career Expo, in addition to learning about summer or internship positions in which they are currently interested. 


Students and alumni from other Florida colleges and universities who would like to attend the Rollins Career & Internship Expo should call (407-646-2195) or e-mail ( ahead of time for permission. Individuals who are not Rollins students or alumni and show up for the Career and Internship Expo without receiving prior permission will not be allowed to enter the event. Guests of the college who have received approval to attend should see information at the bottom of this page.


What to Wear & Bring

The dress code for Expo is "business casual" at a minimum; the Office of Career Services highly recommends "professional" dress -- a business suit or dress.  Both business casual and professional dress styles are pictured in the Professional Attire Guide

Dress Tips for Women

  • White, off-white, or neutral-colored blouse with a conservative neckline

  • Professional business suit with a skirt or slacks 

  • No ill fitting (short, tight, clingy, or slit) skirts

  • Closed-toe leather pumps with low to medium heels

  • Avoid open-toe strappy high heels, sandals, or shoes with decorations

  • Skin-colored hosiery

  • Briefcase or portfolio in place of a handbag or purse

  • Conservative nail polish, avoid unusual colors, e.g., blue or green

  • Understated makeup

  • Small stud earrings instead of dangling or over-sized earrings

  • Long hair pulled back in a neat, simple style. No "big hair" or elaborate styles


Dress Tips for Men

  • Long-sleeved oxford cloth shirt in white or light blue

  • Conservative necktie in terms of color and pattern

  • Avoid cartoon characters, less-than-serious graphics, or theme ties

  • High-fitting dark socks

  • Avoid light colored socks with a dark suit

  • Business-style leather shoes

  • Matching shoe and belt color.  Do not mix black and brown.

  • Briefcase or portfolio, no backpack


Dress Tips for Men and Women

  • Two-piece business suit (navy or other dark color)

  • Consistent look: avoid wearing a business suit with sandals or sneakers

  • Well-groomed hair: avoid unusual styles or colors

  • Minimal cologne or perfume

  • No visible body art: cover tattoos with clothing if possible

  • Breath mints; use one before greeting the recruiter

  • No visible body piercings (other than earrings for women)

  • No smoky-smelling clothes or hair


You may consult with the Career Services staff if you have any questions regarding what to wear. You will also need to bring multiple copies of your resume. Make sure your resume is critiqued before the expo by our Career Services staff and printed on resume paper.


Be Prepared

The most important strategy in the job search process is the research. This means assessing yourself, learning what skills you enjoy using, and discovering what types of job environments you seek. Research also involves exploring potential occupations. In March, utilize this website to see which organizations will be attending the Expo. To conduct general Internet research on industries, companies, occupations and salaries, go to the Career Resources Online page. The more research you do in advance, the more confident you will feel at the Career & Internship Expo.


Listing of Employers 

A complete listing of companies/organizations will be published in early March.  This listing will be updated regularly up until the day of Expo.


Preparation Workshops

The Office of Career Services offers a series of workshops to help prepare you for the Career & Internship Expo.  Workshop topics include resume writing, tips on how to get the most out of a job fair and interviewing tips. Workshops specific to the Career and Internship Expo will be listed below prior to Expo. Please visit the Career Services Calendar to view other workshops offered. All workshops will be held in the Office of Career Services at the 170 Fairbanks Building, 1st Floor.


Information for GUESTS Coming to Career & Internship Expo

Those wishing to attend the Career and Internship Expo who are not students or alumni of Rollins College must request and receive permission to attend prior to the event by email.  To request permission to attend, email  If you will be attending the Rollins College Career & Internship Expo as an approved guest of the college and are traveling from off campus, you may park in the Rollins College owned SunTrust parking garage off of Park Avenue. For directions to the SunTrust garage and parking instructions, download the PDF document below.


pdf link  Directions to Rollins College campus and Sun Trust parking garage.


If you have any questions about the Rollins College Career & Internship Expo, please contact us at 407.646.2195 or by e-mail at

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