Are membership dues tax deductible?

All membership contributions of $75 or less are 100% tax deductible.  At the Contributing and Patron levels, $40 is considered non-gift.  At the Salon and Benefactor levels, the non-gift portion is $90 and $330, respectively.

Contributing, Patron, Collector, Salon, and Benefactor members may elect to waive tangible benefits by checking a box on the membership form in order to claim 100% of their dues as a donation.  Rollins provides a tax receipt letter for all memberships.

What if I want to bring a guest?

Each membership card allows the member to bring one guest to exhibitions at no charge.  For example, a couple with a basic membership or above receives two membership cards.  If both members visit the museum, they may each bring one guest at no charge.  This guest privilege does not extend to reciprocal museums, private member receptions, or other member events except for Benefactor members, who may bring up to four guests to each reception.


When can I expect my new membership card?

Membership cards are processed and mailed within three weeks, but your membership is entered into our database immediately upon receipt, so that new and renewing members begin receiving communications immediately.  A membership list is kept at the reception desk in order to assist those who have not yet received their new card.

Do all members of the Cornell and NARM (North American Reciprocal Museums) receive reciprocal benefits?

No, only museum members whose dues are $100 or more receive the gold NARM seal on their membership card entitling them to these privileges. 

Please note:  The Cornell does not reciprocate with museums in a 15 mile radius of the college.

Are there travel opportunities for members?

Yes! CFAM members have enjoyed domestic and foreign travel opportunities, as well as a variety of day trips to Florida museums.  We strive to bring our members to destinations where art can be viewed in an educational context.  In Spain, France, Art Basel Miami Beach, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth and Washington D.C. we provided access to outstanding private collections and some very special insider tours.  Our Saturday trips typically combine two museums in one day such as the Harn and Appleton Museums in Gainesville and Ocala, the Norton and Flagler Museums in Palm Beach, and the Lightner Museum and Flagler College in St. Augustine, to name a few. 

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