JUMP Bus Info

What is the JUMP Bus?


The JUMP Bus is a 14 passenger miniBus that was donated to the Office of Community Engagement at Rollins College in 2007 by Mark Miller, Rollins alum and owner of Arabian Knights.

The Office of Community Engagement has used the JUMP Bus on Immersion trips throughout Florida and the South East United States as well as almost daily during the school year on local trips to engage the students in the local community.

Places the JUMP Bus has been:JUMP Bus

  • Give Kids the World
  • Seminole State Park
  • Help for the Homeless
  • Apopka Farmers Association
  • Winter Park Towers
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Depugh Nursing Home
  • Fern Creek Elementary
  • New Orleans
  • Miami


In the last two years the JUMP Bus has driven Over 20,500 miles and more than 220 classes and organizations have utilized the JUMP Bus.


Guidelines for the JUMP Bus:

-        All current approved drivers must read and re-sign the guidelines at the beginning of every school year to refresh on all of the rules and procedures as well as make sure all risk-management paperwork is up to date.

-        All requests for reservations must be made via Virtual EMS under 'Vehicles' – we can no longer accept e-mail requests. 

-        All drivers must be approved through Human Resources and trained by the Office of Community Engagement to go over all of the rules and procedures.

-        For approval all drivers must be at least 21 years of age, a Rollins student or employee, have a clean driving record in the last two years, and have a valid US driver’s license. 

-        All drivers that need to go through the approval and training process must begin at least two week prior to needing the JUMP Bus to provide adequate time to go through both the approval and training process.
         If you do not complete the process within the required two weeks, the Office of Community Engagement reserves the right to deny requests for reservations.

-        All trainings must be scheduled with Yadira Elrod (YElrodl@rollins.edu 407-691-1250); availability will depend on her schedule and that of the Bus.

-        All offices, classes, and organizations are able to use the JUMP Bus for non-service based trips with an understanding of the following:

  • That all classes, offices, and organizations that are using the JUMP Bus for service related activities will get priority on reservations.
  • All groups using it on non-service trips will need to refill the gas that was used.
  • All groups using it on non-service trips will be responsible for transporting costs for students to return to campus if vehicle breaks down.
  • If a group uses the JUMP Bus for a non-service based trip for 48 hours or more, they will be required to pay the $50 cleaning fee to clean the Bus once it returns.
  • If a group uses the JUMP Bus to shuttle groups or individuals to different locations they must pay a cleaning fee before and after use.

-        Every group using the JUMP Bus is responsible for making sure ALL trash and items are off the JUMP Bus once returned.

-        Each individual rider must complete a field trip waiver prior to boarding the JUMP Bus and all waivers must be turned in
         to Yadira Elrod.

-        An email must be submitted to Yadira Elrod with all participant names prior to departing Rollins campus per Human
         Resource Policy.    

-        All groups are required to find their own drivers.


If you wish to reserve the JUMP Bus, please make a reservation under Virtual EMS. 

Special Note: In the event of scheduling conflicts the Office of Community Engagement will only assist to provide alternate transportation for service–related experiences.

*Drivers that do not follow the above guidelines will have their driving privileges revoked.*

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