Risk Management-Electronic Field Trip Form
Rollins College sponsors trips and special events for students as a means of providing a comprehensive and diverse learning environment. These types of activities always carry potential risks. Rollins takes risk education and management seriously. Informing students of risk associated with off-campus events such as class trips, conferences, service projects etc. (both academic and co-curricular in nature) is our responsibility as educators. The safety and welfare of our community, including students who leave campus for Rollins activities, are our top priorities. Therefore, Rollins has adopted a new electronic Student Trip Waiver form to replace the existing paper form.

One of the purposes of this form is to educate our students to the potential risk associated with an activity and what is expected of them during the trip. These forms are to be provided to the students at least 15 days in advance of an off-campus activity so that the students can read the information carefully and electronically sign the waiver form. In addition, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver form on behalf of any Rollins student under the age of 18.

In the comment section of the form, and before students sign, trip organizers must provide specific details of the potential risk associated with the trip planned and state their expectations of the students while they are on the trip.

Below are the instructions on how to use the system. Please note that all forms must be sent to Risk Management within 48 hrs. of the event.

Trip Organizer Registration Instructions:

* Log into Foxlink.
* Click on the “Off Campus Trip Registration Form” in the Trip Organizers channel (bottom left corner of “All Users” tab.
* Complete form as thoroughly as you can. Please note that all fields are required.
* Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation containing event details.
* Click on the “Send Email to Participants/Class” link at the bottom of the confirmation page to generate a new outlook mail message.
* Please note that if this Trip is associated with a course, the BCC field will be populated with the email addresses of those registered in that course. If it is not associated with a class, the organizer must
   populate the TO or BCC field with the participant email addresses.
* Copy and paste the Participant Instructions (between the horizontal lines on confirmation page) into the body of the new email.
* Add your signature to the new email before sending.

Trip Organizer Admin Instructions:

* Log into Foxlink.
* Click on the “Trip Waiver Administration” link in the Trip Organizers channel.
* A list of all of your registered events will be displayed.
* Click on the appropriate Event ID link to view event details and a list of students who have completed the waiver form and are thereby eligible to go on your trip.
* Please communicate with participants often to ensure that everyone fills out a form before the date of your trip.
* Before leaving on your trip, click on the link to Print/View the emergency contact list for all your participants.
* Use your browser Print capability to print the list displayed.

Trip Participant Instructions:

* Log into Foxlink.
* Click on the “Participant Trip Waiver/Consent Form” in the bottom right corner of the “All Users” tab.
* Enter the Event ID provided to you in the email from your leader/organizer. Click Submit.
* Please verify that you are viewing the correct event in the Event Information section. If not, use the browsers Back button to return to the previous page and re-enter your event id.
* Please provide your emergency contact information.
* Please read the waiver in its entirety.
* Please electronically sign the waiver by clicking on the checkbox and entering your full name in the space provided at the bottom of the form.
* Click Submit.
* You are now eligible to go on your trip.

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