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Engaged Scholarship: Learning in Action!

Faculty Resources

Engaged scholarship is where discovery, integration, teaching, learning and application intersect linking knowledge with the goal of addressing critical social, structural and environmental issues while contributing to the public good.
At Rollins many faculty are involved in engaged scholarship through service-learning, community-based research, community-engaged scholarship, and civic engagement inside and outside the classroom. Through these experiences faculty and students have the opportunity to connect classroom curriculum and discussions by engaging with some of the most pressing 21st Century issues that face our community in Central Florida and around the world.

Faculty and students work in partnership with community members and non-profit, civic and governmental organizations to address key issues, providing mutual opportunities for learning, progress, and change. Community members are viewed as "co-educators" in the learning experience. Students participate in assessment and critical reflection as a part of the experience so that they are able to connect their learning with a deeper understanding of global issues and commitment of active citizenship.


Rollins faculty interested in community engagement are encouraged to check out the following resources:

Community Engagement