Standards of Service-Learning Courses

Rollins College Standards of Service Learning Courses


New Community Engagement Course Designation

New to the Arts & Sciences curriculum, a number of courses are being offered during fall 2010 that have a Community Engagement (CE) designation. Students enrollingStandards in CE courses will work closely with community based organizations and people to meet local, state, and national needs in partnership with the community.

As a part of CE courses, students will apply what they are learning in the classroom to the community through service-learning, research, civic participation, and be involved in active dialogue and reflection.

If students are interested in participating in hands-on community-based experiences that enhance what they are learning in the classroom we ask that they consider registering in fall 2010 for one of these great classes.  Courses with a community engagement (CE) notation attached to the section number and bear the comment “CE course.”

Courses meeting the standards listed below are considered for the designation of service learning at Rollins College:

* Identifies and addresses a need in the community (campus, local, regional, or global)

* Meets course objectives and demonstrates a clear connection between the community activity and the course content

* Involves assessment as a part of the student's overall grade

* Involves reciprocity between course and community that results in students' increased civic awareness, leadership, diversity, and engagement

* Involves structured student preflection and reflection

* Involves collaboration with a community organization/agency that is committed to a partnership between service and learning

* Invites the community partner to share in classroom dialogue, discussion, and scholarship

* Involves a considerable amount of time outside of the classroom with the community organization/agency

* Involves a capstone assessment in which students share their experience with the class community and the community organization/agency, discuss connections of global citizenship and responsible leadership, and address a plan for continued engagement

Community Engagement