Pathways to College: Lessons Plans, K-12

Pathways to College: Lessons Plans, K-12

A condition of participating in the Pathways to College Day is providing your students with an opportunity to learn about college inside and outside of the classroom. This not only adds value to in-classroom experiences, but it enriches participation and enthusiasm at Pathways to College Day.  Students are able to make greater connections with the idea of higher education as well as:

•    Career exploration and job-related skills
•    Debunking myths about college
•    Dreams and aspirations about higher education
•    Goal setting and making choices
•    Financial aid
•    Types of postsecondary education
•    Accessibility

The following quick and easy lesson plans are based on the Awareness to Preparedness Model and will help you cover these ideas and more. Although each lesson plan corresponds to grouped grade levels, please feel free to utilize certain lesson plans based on the awareness of your students as well as grade-level or age.

K-2nd Awareness:
1.    Teacher, where did YOU go to college? (Version 1.0)
2.    Virtual College Tour

 3-5th Awareness:
1.    Teacher, where did YOU go to college? (Version 2.0)
2.    Dream College
3.    College on the Map 

6-7th Awareness:  
1.    Colleges in Florida 
2.    Types of Colleges 

8-10th Awareness/Preparedness: 
1.    Financial Aid
2.    The College Experience 

11-12th Awareness/Preparedness:
1.    Scholarship Search
2.    College to Career


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