Did you Know?

Know the Code

“Did you know?” is a marketing campaign that the Office of Community Standards and Responsibility at Rollins College has launched in order to provide a small glimpse of our very extensive Code of Community Standards.  Below are highlights of some of our most “hot topic” policies that we receive questions about most often, and also includes policies from The Guide to Residence Hall Living.  Please be advised that these are not all of our policies and that you may access a FULL LENGTH version of the Code here.


Did you know…



  • You must be 21 years of age to possess or consume alcohol.
  • No alcohol is permitted in all freshmen buildings (Ward, Rex Beach, McKean and Lyman) or rooms/apartments where all assigned residents are under the age of 21.
  • Empty alcohol containers, including those used as “decorative containers,” are not permitted.
  • Drinking games and devices used for rapid consumption of alcohol (i.e. beer funnels) are not permitted, regardless of age.
  • Students, regardless of age, cannot provide alcohol to minors.
  • Open containers of alcohol are not permitted in public spaces.  This includes sidewalks, streets and public areas in residence halls (lounges, hallways, community bathrooms, etc.).
  • The following factors are used to determine possession: location and quantity of alcohol, the student’s ability to exercise control over the situation, and the number of students who voluntarily take responsibility for the alcohol and attest which student(s) are not in violation.

Responsible Action Protocol

  • Students who seek assistance for themselves or a friend during an alcohol or drug related medical emergency will not be charged with an alcohol or drug violation. For more specific information, click here.


  • Physical, mental or verbal abuse of any person is prohibited.
  • Behavior that intimidates, degrades, demeans, threatens, or otherwise interferes with another person’s rights or comfort is not acceptable.

 Illegal Substances

  • Selling, purchasing, manufacturing, possessing, distributing and/or illegally using controlled substances, drugs, and/or drug paraphernalia is not allowed.
  • Misuse of prescription and/or over the counter drugs is prohibited.
  • Intentionally or recklessly inhaling, ingesting or making any use of substances (e.g., nitrous oxide, glue, paint, etc.) in a manner that will alter a student’s mental state is prohibited.

Fake IDs

  • It is a felony in the state of Florida to possess a fake ID.
  • You cannot use another student’s R-Card or driver’s license/identification card of any kind.


  • Hazing means any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization operating under sanction of a university or college.
  • Rollins College has a zero tolerance for hazing.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life recognizes National Hazing Prevention Week as a major initiative to raise awareness and partners with other offices.
  • The Chad Meredith Act makes dangerous hazing a crime in Florida.

Sexual Misconduct 

  • Includes Sexual Harassment, Non-Consensual Sexual Contact, Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Exploitation, and Public Indecency.  
  • Consent is informed, voluntarily, and actively given, mutually understandable words or actions, which creates mutually understandable permission regarding the conditions of sexual activity. Consent cannot be given when an individual is impaired.

Noise Policy (from the Guide to Residence Hall Living)

  • Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm-8:00am on weekdays; 1:00am-8:00am on weekends.
  • There are 24 Quiet Hours during all final exams.  Musical instruments are allowed, but subject to designated quiet hours. 
  • Practice rooms are available in Keene Hall.

Requests or Orders

  • Students must comply with reasonable requests from a college official (RAs are considered college officials).

Fire Safety

  • Don’t tamper with fire safety equipment (smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, exit signs, etc.). 
  • Leave the building immediately when the fire alarm goes off. 
  • Candles, camping stoves, grills, fondue pots, incense and gas lanterns are not allowed in the residence halls. 

Fireworks, Explosives, Weapons and Other Dangerous Items

  • No fireworks on campus. 
  • No guns (this includes BB guns and simulated weapons in the form of toy or squirt guns) or knives with blades more than 4 inches in length are allowed.


  • Effective January 1, 2013 smoking in College-owned vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, golf carts, and vans is prohibited. 
  • Smoking will be permitted on College grounds provided it occurs in the designated areas as specified on the map.


  • Students are responsible for the actions of their visitors while they are on campus.
  • A student host will be judicially charged if their visitor violates College policy.
  • Guests must be accompanied at all times.

Pets (from the Guide to Residence Hall Living)

  • Only fish in small aquariums are allowed in the residence halls.