Linking Training and Development to Organizational Strategy

Linking Training and Development to Organizational Strategy

Program Overview

Training and Development initiatives can be a key factor in organizational success and are best positioned when tied to the organizational strategy.  HR Leaders should be able to show the linkage between the training programs and overarching company goals.  This session explores the ways in which HR leaders can ensure that T+D is positioned at the most strategic level.  

We will discuss how to shift the focus of our needs assessment and how to start thinking about development with a more strategic focus.  If we start with the idea that the programming will address key strategic imperatives, we can build programming that accomplishes that objective.  We will discuss the types of questions and exploration that can assist HR leaders in getting at the organizational goals and objectives that can be impacted by training and development.

We will investigate how we can broaden our idea of training and development to encompass other initiatives outside traditional classroom training or e-learning and how these can lead to impact on important business factors. 

We will look at how to link training and development to organizational competencies.  Many organizations have a competency model and we will discuss how to use this competency model as a starting point for developing training initiatives and as a framework for development programming.

Lastly we will explore the ways we can measure the impact of training and development.  HR programs have long been challenged to provide a quantified benefit and we will cover one model of how to approach measuring the impact of these types of programs. 


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Date: April 8, 2014

Faculty Lead: Erica Bader-Sorrell, MBA, SPHR

Program: 6:30p.m. - 9:30p.m.

Location: Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business

              Bush Executive Center

 Tuition Fee:  $195 per person (Cancellation Policy & Discounts)


Reserve your seat in Law and Ethics : How to do it the right way the first time



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