Human Resource Management Certificate Program Modules

Over seven weeks, the Human Resource Management Certificate Program provides a practical foundation to manage an organizations most valuable resource, the human resources. Specially designed for new entrants in the HR field, HR specialists who wish to expand or update their HR knowledge, general administrators responsible for HR, and those considering a career in human resources.
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What You Will Gain:


Robert Prescott

Realizing HR's Strategic Role

Faculty: Robert Prescott, Ph.D., SPHR

The past several years have seen an evolution of the HR function within organizations working together with general managers toward a business relationship that contributes  to the organization’s bottom line and fulfills strategic goals. HR managers are thus adapting to a role of a proactive business partnership, one who takes on planning strategic, tactical, and transformational responsibilities. Such an evolution presents challenges and opportunities to HR professionals. On the one hand, they may be challenged to acquire new skills, competencies, and behavioral characteristics; on the other, they have the opportunity to increase significantly the scope of their responsibilities and their value within the organization. This session explores the comprehensive requirements of the HR professional as a business partner.

Erica Bader Sorrell

Linking Training and Development to Organizational Goals

Faculty: Erica Bader Sorrell, MBA, SPHR

Will address how to ensure that training solves performance problems, compute the cost of these solutions and evaluate there effectiveness.  Topics include: Identifying performance deficiencies, separating deficiencies of knowledge from deficiencies of execution, identifying and evaluating appropriate training, and managing change and transition in the organization.

Susan Mckenna

The Essentials of Employment Law

Faculty: Susan K. Mckenna, J.D.

This session will discuss in a practical, down-to-earth manner the various laws and regulations which govern the employment relationship, such as those impacting discrimination, workplace harassment, wages and leave entitlement.  Statutes to be addressed include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Florida Civil Rights Act, among others.

Leslie Miller

Performance Management: Leading for Greater Results

Faculty: Leslie Miller, Ph.D., PHR

Addresses why employees perform correctly or don’t in organizations, how to get them to perform the way you want them to perform and what to do when they don’t!  Topics include: Establishing a performance management program, appraising performance effectively and legally, progressive discipline, positive direction and making discharge/salvage decisions.

Laura Schmidt

Identifying, Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Faculty: Laura Schmidt, SPHR

Successful organizations are those that attract, select, develop, retain and properly deploy their talent. Recruitment and selection is vital to the strength and effectiveness of the enterprise. This session will provide program participants with a comprehensive look at:

  • Key Legislation Overview
  • Recruitment Planning
  • Recruitment, Sourcing and Selection
  • Recruitment Measurement

Roger Lear

Social Media for HR tools for Communication, Innovation, Collaboration and Recruiting Talant

Faculty: Roger Lear

The way social media impacts human resource departments continues to evolve.  This program will examine the trends and case studies of what is working well and what is not in human resource departments.  How are companies using sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit and retain employees?  What HR departments are having success with SM?   How is SM influencing the hiring process?  What are the elements of a good SM policy for HR? This in-depth session will give you a in-depth overview of how social media is being used effectively and why.

Robert Prescott

How Human Resource Creates Value 

Facutlty: Robert Prescott, Ph.D., SPHR

The crucial question for HR programs and services in a competitive business environment is whether they add value or just add expenses.  This session will focus on defining the kinds of value HR creates, how HR creates value in your organization,  measuring how much value is created, and communicating the value of HR to others in the organization.


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