Risk Management

The role of Risk Management is to make and implement decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses as well as business losses to the College. 

Responsibilities involve:

  • Identification of risks and liability exposures.
  • Review of contractual agreements to transfer risk and liability exposures and ensure that insurance requirements are appropriate.
  • Management of claims against the College involving bodily injury, property damage, automobile, and other types of losses.
  • Administer and management of the College's Liability, Property, student health, and other programs through insurance and self-insurance programs.
  • Manages legal matters for the College including subpoenas for records and working with attorney’s on legal issues.

Risk Management also works very closely with campus organizations and departments involving student and academic programs, study abroad and international programs, travel-related matters, motor vehicle record checks for employees and students, certificates of insurance, and use of facilities.