OverviewShareef Doumet

The Office of Career Services is responsible for the front-end of the internship program. The database of approved internships is maintained by that office. Resume writing workshops are offered frequently to students each semester along with professional development counseling. In order to enroll in the program, students must have junior status and not be on any judicial or academic probation.

International Business majors should discuss the available “approved” internships with the Director of International Business Internships in the semester prior to arranging an internship.

The students must complete the following forms which may be downloaded from the Career Services website or from the Office of Career Services:

1. Intent to register
2. Credit Approval Form
3. The Credit Approval Form must be signed by academic advisor
4. Once hired by the internship site, the credit approval form must be signed by the Director of International Business Internships

A mandatory orientation session is held each semester to discuss the course requirements.
Students who wish to develop a new “internship site” must have the organization complete a Site Information Form and submit it to the Director of International Business Internships for approval.

Upon submission of all forms and attendance at the orientation session, students will be registered in the academic internship course. Students earning International Business credit on their internship will normally be supervised during the semester by the Director of International Business Internships.

For more information, please see Professor Sharon Agee in Cornell Social Science 153.