Major in International Business

Introduction To The Major

Requirements for the International Business major are: 16 courses (8 core business courses, 1 international internship, 5 foreign language or area studies courses, 2 business electives). Proficiency in at least one modern foreign language (e.g., Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese), and an approved international experience (usually arranged through Rollins study abroad) are required.  Our program is taught by highly qualified and international faculty (Belarus, France, Ghana, Israel, UK, Switzerland, U.S.A) who have lived, worked and/or taught abroad. 


What you will get from the program: 

International Business majors:

  • develop broad global and strategic perspectives on business issues rather than narrow functional perspectives. You will become much more aware of the global scope of business activity and of the economic, social, and political consequences of functioning in a world economy.
  • learn how to analyze international business organizations as legitimate objects of study. This critical distance helps prepare students for living a good life and making a good living in a global economy.
  • learn practical knowledge and skills sufficient to create and sustain effective business organizations including small businesses, corporations, social agencies, government agencies, non-profits, labor unions, cooperatives, etc.
  • learn to work as individuals, as group members, and as group leaders.
  • develop (or possess) skills in a foreign language.
  • develop skills in using computers, quantitative methods, and current technology for research, composition, calculation, and presentation.
  • develop a sensitivity to international social responsibility, business ethics, public interest, and public service issues.
  • develop informed, comparative, and critical understandings of common business practices, problems, and values in an international context.