Thinking about doing an international internship?

Key points to consider: 

  • Why do an internship abroad? What are the benefits and challenges?
  • How will an international internship enhance your inter-cultural skills and connect to your professional development?
  • What specific career field do you want to explore and gain experience in through this internship? You may want to visit Career Services for help exploring career fields.
  • The application will include a resume, cover letter, and other documents; don’t forget to pay attention to application deadlines and leave yourself time to prepare all materials.
  • Remember: most international internship programs will be matching you with an internship site, so you need to be able to successfully articulate your goals for the internship, and represent yourself on paper in the best possible light!

Important next steps:

  1. Review program options on this document. Consider length, location, credit, cost, types of internship available, etc when deciding.
  2. Once you have decided on a specific program, you will need to start the application process through International Programs: apply online through RIPA in your FoxLink account and complete all requirements by the program deadline. 
  3. Go to Career Services for guidance on creating and/or updating a resume/CV and cover letter. 
  4. Attend a Resume Workshop at Career Services—required for Rollins Approved programs.
  5. Take the appropriate steps to receive academic credit for your international internship:
  • If you are participating on a Rollins Approved program, follow the procedures through International Programs to receive academic credit for your internship.
  • If you are participating in a non-Rollins program, you will need to submit the appropriate approval paperwork to International Programs and submit documentation to the Director of Academic Internships/Director of International Business Internships to transfer the internship credits back to Rollins.

Rollins Approved Programs with Internship options




Non-Rollins Internship Programs

There are many other providers but IP has reviewed this list of reputable providers.

REMINDERS: When participating in a non-Rollins program, no financial aid transfers and you must get credits approved prior to the start of the program.


Please pay attention to deadlines:

  • Rollins Approved fall internship programs: late February

  • Rollins Approved spring internship programs: late September

  • Rollins Approved summer internship programs: early February

  • Non-Rollins Internships programs: vary by semester and location




For more information, contact: 


International Programs

Carnegie Hall, 2nd Fl

Walk-In Advising

Mon-Thurs 12-2 pm


Career Services

170 W. Fairbanks Building, 1st Fl

Walk-In Advising

Mon-Fri 3-5 pm