Program Costs

2014 Program Costs

Below is an estimated cost and earnings breakdown. Please note that these are estimates and will vary from one participant to another.

Program Costs

Covers all instruction and field study trips while at Rollins
College and Walt Disney World®. Includes tuition and fees
for 12 credits, housing and food while at Rollins for 1 week,
mandatory health insurance for 5 months in the United States,
and transportation between Disney housing and Rollins.  


Other Costs

Other costs are an estimate of what students may need
above their earnings from the Disney internship to cover
their personal expenses, local transportation needs, and
emergency funds.


Estimated Earnings and Living Expenses while at Disney

Student will earn during internship experience:

($7.67 - $8.55 per hour, 30-37.5 hours
per week, 20 weeks)

+$4602.00 *

Living Expenses 

An accommodation charge for housing at              
Disney during internship will be deducted
from earnings.  Range is from $82.00-$102.00
per week (depending on size of apartment        
and number of roommates) for 20 weeks.  

-$2040.00 *

Remainder from Earnings  

Available to cover meals, entertainment,
personal expenses, and other costs.


*These are conservative estimated costs based on the lowest possible earnings and the highest possible costs for accommodations.