On & Off Campus Housing

On Campus Housing

Rollins College’s College of Arts & Sciences and Crummer Graduate School of Business offer on-campus housing for students.  Those students who have less than 60 credit hours are required to live on-campus.  There are a variety of housing options for on-campus living for A & S students.  They include traditional dormitory-style residence halls with single, double, and triple rooms and apartment-style residences. 

For A & S, the Office of Residential Life manages the operations of all on-campus living.  For detailed information on the facilities available as well as their rates, please contact the Office of Residential Life (407) 646-2649

For Crummer students, please contact the EAMBA Office at (407) 628-6374.

Students studying at the Hamilton Holt School will need to secure their own housing off-campus. 


Resources for Searching for Off-campus Housing

Rollins College does not endorse any specific off-campus housing facility or resource, however the following are useful tools when apartment searching in the Winter Park area.


Setting Up an Off-Campus Living Space

The following companies provide services in the Orlando-area for telephone, cable, electricity, water, and internet:

- for local phone, long distance, cable, internet

(866) 309-EASY
www.brighthouse.com – for local phone, long distance, cable, internet

AT&T- U-verse
-Cable, Internet

Dish Network

Direct TV

Orlando Utilities Commission
(407) 423-9018
– for electricity and water

Progress Energy
(407) 629-1010
– for electricity

Common Terms Used in Leasing / Renting

Landlord (Lessor). An owner of residential premises or his agent who is authorized to manage the residential premises and to receive rent from a tenant under a rental agreement.

Lease. Written agreement giving the tenant the right to use the landlord’s property, with stipulations about rent, rent payment date, length of occupancy, number of persons to occupy premises, rules and regulation regarding pets, storage, etc.

Property Manager. Authorized representative of landlord.

Rental Agreement. Any written agreement or lease specifying rental terms and conditions.

Security Deposit. A monetary deposit made to a landlord that holds a tenant to the terms of the rental agreement.

Sublease. The lessee assigns less than the entire property or assigns all of the property for less than the full remaining period. However, the original tenant remains obligated for contracted responsibilities.

Tenant (Lessee). A person entitled in a rental agreement to use and occupy the residential premises.

Term. The time period during which a landlord agrees to rent the property and a tenant agrees to pay rent for that property.

Termination. Ending a lease or rental agreement, either because the lease or rental agreement has come to its end or because both parties agree to bring the lease or agreement to an end.