Public Transportation 

Public transportation in the Orlando-area is not the most convenient compared to other metropolitan areas in the U.S.  The main provider of transportation is through bus service provided by LYNX.  For a full system map, schedules and fares, please visit the Lynx website

Taxi Service

One of the most convenient methods of transportation in Orlando, if you don’t have a personal vehicle, is taxi service.  The following companies are available to pick you up at your location and to take you to anywhere in the metro-area.  Be sure you have the exact address and general idea of the location of your destination.

Taxi Company                                               Phone Number

Yellow/City Cab                                (407) 422-2222
Diamond Cab Company                     (407) 523-2005
Star Taxi                                          (866) 888-5530
Ace Metro/Luxury Cab                       (407) 855-1111
Town & Country Transport                 (407) 828-3036


Amtrak train service is available from Winter Park, Sanford, and downtown Orlando.  Amtrak provides transportation south to Miami and north to Washington, DC, New York City, and Boston as well as many other destinations through connections in major cities.  For schedules and fares, please visit the Amtrak website.   



For travel outside of the Orlando area, via bus, you should check Greyhound Bus Company for destinations, schedules and fares.

Owning Your Own Car

If you find that you need your own car, there are many things to keep in mind.  Owning your own car can be very expensive.  In addition to purchasing the car, you will need to maintain it, insure it, fuel it, and park it.  You will also, of course, need to obtain a Florida driver’s license.  Information on obtaining a Florida driver’s license is provided below.
In order to insure the car, you should consult with a few different insurance companies to compare their costs before making a decision.  Florida State requires all car owners to have personal protection injury and property damage insurance.  You can also choose to insure the car for damage.  There are many levels of coverage that you should consider and choose what is best for you. 
The Office of International Student & Scholar Services cannot provide guidance through the process of purchasing and insuring a car.  If you choose to purchase a car, it is your responsibility to do the research and make all necessary arrangements.
Please be sure to consult with the Rollins College Campus Security office for information on parking your car on campus.  You must have a permit to park on campus.

Driver’s Licenses

The best place to find out detailed information on where and how to get a driver’s license is directly from the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (HSMV) website. There are several offices in the Orlando area.  Check the Driver’s License Office Directory online for addresses, telephone numbers, days and operating hours of nearby offices.
There have been new procedures implemented for international students to obtain a Florida Driver's License. It has become fairly complicated.  Many international students have been denied a Florida Driver's License in the recent past because they did not have the newly required documentation.  According to the Orlando US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office as well as the HSMV website, all applicants should take the following with them:
  • a valid passport and visa
  • I-94 Departure Record (indicating F-1 or J-1, D/S)
  • Rollins College Student ID Card
  • Current Form I-20 or DS-2019
  • A letter from the Director of International Student & Scholar Services that the student is maintaining both immigration and academic status