Request a Form DS-2019

What is the Form DS-2019?


This is the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor status or J-1 status.  The J-1 visa may be issued for a number of categories, including students, scholars, professors, specialists, etc.  Rollins College is authorized by the Department of State to issue the Form DS-2019 for the following categories of J-1 - Professor, Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Specialist, Student (college/university).



Students who are attending Rollins pursuant to an agreement between their home university and Rollins College will be issued the Form DS-2019 in the appropriate Student category.  For a listing of partner universities and procedures and forms to be completed by exchange students, please visit the Exchange student page.


Professor, Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Specialist

International visitors to Rollins College who may qualify for J-1 status in the above categories should contact the academic department with which they may either teach, lecture, or perform research.  For a list of academic departments, please Rollins College.  If an academic department wishes to sponsor an international visitor in this status, the academic department should follow the Guidelines available here.  The forms for requesting a Form DS-2019 are available there as well.

If you have questions about the qualifications for the J-1 visa, please contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services.