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What are your hours?
They vary by time of year and day of the week. Find details here.

Are you open 24/7?
The 2nd floor of the library is open 24/7 throughout the academic year. When the building isn't staffed, you can enter with your R-card. The rest of the library is open 24/7 the week before and the week of exams, Fall and Spring terms. Check our hours for details.
Is the Bookmark Café going to be open today?
 The hours for the Bookmark Café are available from the Dining Services website.

I don’t understand how to use the library. Can someone help me learn?
Sure. Stop by the Research Help Desk and talk to a librarian, or make an appointment with Your Librarian.

Is there someone who can help with my research?
Yes, contact the Research Help Desk and talk to a librarian, or make an appointment with Your Librarian.

My professor said I had to talk to a librarian about my assignment. Where can I find one?
Yes, contact the Research Help Desk and talk to a librarian in person, by phone, e-mail, txt or chat, or make an appointment with Your Librarian.

The library is closed, there are no librarians around and my paper is due tomorrow. Can I get some help finding sources?
Try using one of our research guides.

How am I supposed to cite this resource in my paper?
You can consult with a librarian, take a look at our citation guides, or consult the style guides available in the reference area.

You don’t own a book I need, how do I get hold of it?
Use interlibrary loan. On average it is taking about 8 days (including weekend and holidays) to receive a book. You will get an e-mail from us when it arrives.

I need an article you don’t have, how do I get hold of it?

Use interlibrary loan. On average it is taking about 4 days (including weekend and holidays) to receive article. It will arrive in an e-mail form us.

How do I place a hold on an item?
View the record of the item you want in our catalog, and click the Place Hold link on the left side of the record.  You will be prompted to log in with your R-Number and PIN (see below).  Please note that you can only place a hold on an item that is not currently on the shelf.

My professor put something “on reserve at the library.” How do I get it?
Your professor probably put it on online reserves here, or they actually put the book or DVD on reserve at the Circulation Desk (on your left when you enter the library.)

How do I access the items my professor put on e-reserve?
You can access your reserves by searching here by instructor name, course name, or course number.  Be sure to hit one of the search buttons and not hit enter when you perform your search.  The reserve will be password protected - see your professor for the password.

Do you have phone chargers?
We don't have phone chargers available for checkout, but we do have phone charging stations spread around the lobby of the 2nd floor.

Do you have DVDs available for checkout?
Yes, and you can find them in the catalog. Save time by limiting your search to “Type: DVD.”

How do I renew materials I have checked out?
You can renew materials be clicking here.  You will need to log in with your R-number (make sure to use a capital R) and your PIN.

What is my PIN?
Your PIN is your date of birth formated MMDDYYYY.

Can I renew a laptop, camera, iPad, bike (or any items listed on your equipment page)?
Kindles, Nooks, iPads are not renewable. Anything else can be renewed as long as there are others of its kind available for checkout.  You can visit the Circulation Desk in person or call them at 407-646-2521 for more details.

Can I book a group study room?
All our group study rooms are first come first served. You can find them on the 1st and 3rd floors.  Visit our rooms page for more details.

How do I book a conference room for an event?
Use Scheduling and Events Services to place your request.  Details on our rooms are available here.

Can I use your databases from home? What about when I am traveling?
Yes, from anywhere you can get to a networked computer. Access the database you need and you will be prompted for your Rollins e-mail username and password.  You can find a list of our databases here.

Where can I send donations for the Book-a-Year Program?
Details on submitting Book-a-Year donations are located here.  We appreciate your support.

Can I donate books to the library?
Well, we prefer your financial support (hint, hint) but if the books support the curriculum and are in good condition we do accept donations. Learn more here.

Where's the restroom?
We have restrooms available on each floor of the library.  They are located behind the stairwell.  There are also restrooms in the 24-hour area, across from the 24-hour computer lab.

Where's the copier?
There is a copier on the second floor in front of the Lakeview Lab, which operates by coin slot and R-Card reader. Another copier on the 1st floor near the stairwell is available for Rollins employee use only via departmental copier code.

Where are the computers?
There are four computer labs on the 2nd floor - one in the lobby, the Teaching Lab, Center for Creativity, and the Lakeview Lab.  There are also two stand-up terminals near the main entrance, and one or two stations on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors.

Where are all the books?

The books you can check out are on the 2nd floor in the new books, best seller, and display shelves; most of the rest of the collection is on the 3rd and 4th floors. The printed periodicals, government documents, and special collections are on the 1st floor. The reference books are on the 2nd floor.

Why can’t I print multiple copies of my document?
IT has relaxed this policy and you should be able to do so.  See an employee if you need help printing.

How do I make the printer print on only one side?
For the printer in the reference area, click print, then properties, then deselect "print on both sides" under the finishing tab.

How can I make a suggestion or leave a comment for the library?
You can fill our a comment card and drop it in the box in the lobby near the exit door, and you can submit a comment anonymously via our online system.

Where can I find a particular room, office, or person?
Feel free to ask any employee for help locating what you need.  You can also use our touchscreen information kiosk.  It's the big flatscreen tv mounted on the wall, located ahead and to your left as you enter the library lobby.

Where is the Help Desk?
To find the Help Desk, make a left from the front door.  Continue past the first desk you see (that's the Circulation Desk) and the Help Desk will be on your left after you pass the computer lab.

Are you a federal government document repository?
The library was a federal repository from 1909-2011, but as of October 2011, we are no longer a federal depository.  Contact a librarian for more information of government resources.