Equipment Available for Checkout
The Olin Library has a variety of items available for checkout.  These items are all available at the Circulation Desk.

Would you like to see other devices at Olin?  Send suggestions to our Emerging Services Librarian or Head of Public Services.

The library has 17 bicycles available for checkout. Helmets and lights are also available.


Click here to check the catalog to see if any bikes are currently available.
Bikes are available for three day loans with no renewals.
Late fees are $10 per day.
Patrons will be given a copy of the bike procedures and must sign a waiver.
Please remember to lock the bike at the frame to prevent theft.
Chargers, Adapters, and Cables

The library has three MacBook Air chargers available for checkout.
Three iPhone 5 Lightning Cables with AC adapters are also available.
We have an international travel plug adapter available for checkout and two Apple World Travel Adapter Kits.
Also available are four Apple VGA adapters.
We also have two HDMI cables.


These items are available for 24 hour loan.  If you are need an adaptor for a trip, it can be checked out for a longer period.

The regular adapter fits EU, AU, UK, and American outlets.
The Apple Adapter Kit fits US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, and continental Europe outlets, but is only usable with Apple products.

The VGA adapters are used to display the screen of your iPad or iPod on a projector or monitor.  Contact Classroom Tech if you require assistance.

Digital Cameras and Lenses
The library has still cameras and video cameras available for checkout.  We also have 13 tripods.


We have seven digital still cameras.

Four cameras are point-and-shoot, and three of them are SLRs.


We have 18 hd video cameras.

Four of our cameras require a tape (which we do not provide), and the other six work with an SD card (which we do provide).

All cameras are available for 24-hour loan and cannot be renewed unless several units are available.  Late fines are $10 a day.
The library no longer provides tapes for the video cameras.  Tapes are available for purchase at the campus bookstore and local retailers.
Lens We have 3 Canon 18-135mm lenses available for 48 hour checkout.  They fit our DSLR Cameras as well as any Canon camera so anyone with a Canon camera can check them out.
Digital Voice Recorders
We have two Olympus VN-8100 PC Digital Voice Recorders available for checkout.


These items are available for 48 hour checkout with no renewals.

Each recorder comes with a carrying case and a USB cable for transferring your recordings to a computer.
Microphone In addition to recorders, we have five microphones available for checkout.  These can be used with our recorders, cameras, and laptops.  Two of the microphones are handheld; the other three are lapel mics.
Flip Digital Cameras
In addition to the video cameras listed above, the library has nine Flip video cameras available for checkout.


Click here for more information on the Flip.
Checkout policies and late fees are the same as for the other digital cameras.
The library has iPads available for checkout.


Patrons should read the Information Technology tablet policy, available here.

Click here to check the catalog to see if an iPad is currently available. 

Patrons wishing to read books in Kindle format can use the Kindle App available on all of our iPads.

iPads are available for 1 week checkout with no renewals.
We have one iPad available for 24 hour loan.

The library currently has no Kindles available for checkout.  We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

If you would like to read a Kindle book, you can check out an iPad and read it via the Kindle App, installed on all of our iPads.

Kindle 2

Flash Drives and SD Cards/Readers
The library has six flash drives available for checkout.  If you need an SD card, we have 10 available.


These drives are available for 24 hour loans, and can leave the library.
Late fees are $5.00 per drive, plus $0.25 per hour.
flashdrive The library also has five USB SD card readers.  They are available for 24 hour loan.
The Library has twelve laptops available for checkout.


Laptops are Lenovo X300s.
All laptops have Microsoft Office  installed.
All laptops are available for 24-hour loan.  Late fines are $100 a day.
Technical support for laptops is available at the IT Helpdesk,
available at at 407-646-2655,, or in the Olin Library.
The library has a Barnes & Noble Nook e-book reader available for checkout.


You can order titles for the Nook by using this form.
Click here for a list of Nook books already available in our catalog.
The Nook is available for 3 week loans, with no renewals.
Presenter Remotes/Laser Pointers
We have 5 Kensington presentation remotes with laser pointers available for checkout. 

Remote with Pointer

In addition to their use as laser pointers, you can use these remotes to advance slides in your presentation.  They are plug and play via a USB drive that comes with the remote. 
Each remote is available for 24 hour checkout.
The library has a Nintendo Wii available for checkout.


Four controllers and two steering wheels are also available.
Click here for a list of Wii games available at the library.
The Wii is available for 24-hour loan. 
Accessories and games have late fines of $5.00 per item and $0.25 per hour.
Late fines for the Wii itself are $100 a day.

Please direct questions and comments about circulation policies for these devices to the Circulation Desk by calling 407-646-2521.

The IT Help Desk is available to answer technical support questions at 407-646-2655, or .