Holi 2010


DESI is a campus organization that celebrates the South Asian cultures of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Throughout the year we provide a support for students of these cultures and a fun environment for ALL students to learn, interact, and be a part of the beautiful traditions these cultures have to offer. Our events include an annual Diwali Dinner every fall, celebrating the festival of lights, and an annual Holi Festival every spring, celebrating the festival of color. In addition, we hold many smaller events including Bollywood movie nights and dance classes. DESI welcomes everyone for all walks of life and hopes to Rollins a more multicultural and inclusive campus through spreading South Asian culture! 
We have recently had the privilege of welcoming the Hindi Club into the DESI family: a branch which provides basic Hindi language lessons, movie viewings, and discussion. For more information on Hindi Club, contact Jenea' Robinson at

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