Programs and Initiatives Overview

Office of Multicultural Affairs – Spring 2014


Rollins College is a vibrant, engaging community that houses a vast array of identities, heritages, perspectives, and talents among its members. The experience of meeting and knowing so many different kinds of people is an important part of college. It enhances your perspective, broadens your worldview, and is the mark of a truly educated person.


The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) promotes a healthy and inclusive campus environment by providing experiences, resources, and services that help students, faculty, and staff  live, learn, teach and work together effectively in the midst of such diversity. These include a variety of activities such as films, performances, and presentations that explore and express heritage, culture, social justice, and topics that are relevant and of interest to the campus community. We also provide a variety of workshops and trainings, many of which allow you to explore your strengths and develop skills that will enhance your development as a citizen of this campus and of the world.


Involvement with OMA is about your interests rather than a particular identity or group, and there are many ways to connect with us. We believe that everyone has to belong somewhere so that they can belong everywhere, so let us be either a “home base” from which you explore the many opportunities  at Rollins, or a favorite and frequent destination throughout your college journey from any other “home base(s)” you choose.


Also, if the type of organization or opportunity you are interested in doesn’t already exist at Rollins, we are happy to work with you to create it.


Visit us soon and often online at, on Facebook, or in person on the 1st floor of Chase Hall.


Program Areas


Holt Connections

OMA maintains a presence for Holt students and provides involvement opportunities that are relevant and convenient to Holt students.


Lectures, Arts & Film

OMA provides opportunities to explore multicultural and social justice subjects through speakers, film and other artistic, performance and presentation genres.


Student Organizations

OMA serves as home base to an array of student organizations whose interests and activities align with our mission. We provide resources and services to support their success and promote student awareness of their efforts and opportunities.



The OMA online presence includes Facebook and the OMA website, featuring resources and virtual programming such as online workshops and activities, as well as a calendar of events and information on upcoming events.


Heritage and Culture

OMA provides experiences that celebrate and educate about various cultures and identities, and that recognize holidays, awareness months and other observances.


Community Outreach

OMA maintains strong connections to community organizations and agencies, as well as the Rollins College Office of Community Engagement (OCE), Talent Search, and Upward Bound. Throughout the year we work with our partners to provide a wide range of opportunities for student participation in community events, celebrations, and service activities.


OMA Exclusives


Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance

Every January the Rollins community celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., beginning with an observance of the national holiday in his honor and continuing with a full slate of events offered by departments and organizations across campus, and in the surrounding community.


Safe Zone

The Rollins College Safe Zone program works to build a community of Allies who embrace and support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) members of the Rollins community. Training sessions are offered during the academic year and are available to Rollins organizations and departments by request


Diversity Education

Throughout the academic year, OMA provides engaging presentations, conversations, workshops and other dynamic experiences around diversity topics as they emerge through current events and campus interests.


Annual OMA Multicultural Retreat

Each spring participants learn to identify areas of privilege, power, and oppression via student-to-student presentations and other activities.


Video On-Demand

Over 125 videos on race, gender, media, politics and more can be accessed on-demand by

Rollins students, faculty and staff. Featured films include:


White Like Me

White Like Me, based on the work of acclaimed anti-racist educator and author Tim Wise, explores race and racism in the U.S.


Tough Guise: Violence. Media and the Crisis in Masculinity

Acclaimed anti-violence educator Jackson Katz explores the epidemic of male violence that plagues American society as part of a much larger cultural crisis in masculinity.


Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising's Image of Women

Jean Kilbourne takes a fresh look at how advertising traffics in distorted and destructive ideals of femininity.






OMA is home base to many dynamic and engaging student organizations that bring students together around culture, heritage, identity, and social justice issues.



All organizations are open to all members of the Rollins community (regardless of race, ethnicity, religious, spiritual, gender identity or expression, age, sex, social economic status, ability, and marital status all organizations are open) including the Hamilton Holt School and the Crummer Graduate School of Business.


For the most current information about active organizations, please visit the OMA website.



2013-14 Staff


Shelley Wilson Gentile



Zakiya Brown

Assistant Director


Colette McLeod

Graduate Assistant


Alexis Goolkasian

Graduate Assistant

Student Program Coordinators

Peter Ruiz

Film, Lectures, & Arts


Luz “Gaby” Cabrera

Heritage and Culture


Emily Newton

Holt Connections


Camilo Garzón



Sabrina Kent

Special Projects



Office Assistants

Rashida Clarke

Danielle Cameron

Saida Ortega

Jehiza Feliz




Everyone Has to


So they can


-Office of Multicultural Affairs



“At OMA you don’t meet people,

you FIND them.”

-Luz "Gaby" Cabrera, Rollins student



Rollins College educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership,

empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers.

-Rollins College Mission Statement