The Office of Multicultural Affairs

Rollins College educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers. We are committed to the liberal arts ethos and guided by its values and ideals. Our guiding principles are excellence, innovation, and community.

Rollins is a comprehensive liberal arts college. Rollins is nationally recognized for its distinctive undergraduate and selected graduate programs. We provide opportunities to explore diverse intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic traditions. We are dedicated to scholarship, academic achievement, creative accomplishment, cultural enrichment, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. We value excellence in teaching and rigorous, transformative education in a healthy, responsive, and inclusive environment.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, May 9, 2014

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) promotes a healthy, responsive, and inclusive campus environment at Rollins College.  We provide experiences, resources, and services that help our students, faculty and staff live, learn, teach and work together effectively amid the many gifts and perspectives they bring to our community

One of the most significant benefits of college is the opportunity to meet, know, and be influenced by (and influence) people you never would have otherwise. Those encounters between and among people of different identities, heritages and perspectives can truly enhance the college experience and broaden your world in important ways that are indicative of a well-educated person.

During the course of the academic year we present a variety of activities such as films, performances, and presentations that bring people together to explore heritage and culture, social justice, and issues that are of interest to the campus community. For example:

We provide opportunities for you to explore your strengths and develop skills that will enhance your development as a citizen of this campus and of the world.

This year, we are especially excited to debut a catalogue of over 150 videos that can be accessed on-demand and cover a variety of topics on race, gender, media, politics and more.

We have an array of student organizations that are affiliated with our office. These organizations bring students together around culture, heritage, identity, and social justice issues. If the type of organization or opportunity you are interested in doesn’t already exist, we are happy to work with you to create it.

We organize the Martin Luther King, Jr. annual observance and provide a variety of workshops, training and other educational experiences. 

Connecting with OMA is about your interests rather than a particular identity, racial or otherwise.  We try to provide a wide variety of opportunities through our activities and organizations and we encourage everyone to check us out and see what we have for you. We believe that everyone has to belong somewhere so that they can belong everywhere, so we hope to either be the “home base” from which you explore all of the other opportunities  Rollins has to offer, or that you will engage with us often throughout your college journey from whatever “home base” you choose.

We hope you will visit us often: online here and on Facebook, and – of course – in person in Chase Hall.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs

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