Music Education
Music Education

Music majors at Rollins College may also earn a teaching certificate through the Minor in Education program offered by the Education Department.  Some professors in the Music Department hold degrees in Music Education and have taught in public schools (kindergarten through 12th grade) besides adjucating at high school music festivals; they are good resources as advisors for those interested in a degree in Music Education.  Those desiring to be teachers may acquire music skills valuable through the Music Department.


MUS 101:  Applied Music - Piano
MUS 290:  Basic Conducting
MUS 340/341/342/343:  Instrumental Methods
MUS 390:  Advanced Conducting and Repertory
EED 317:  Music for Elementary Schools

Additional Recommended Courses:

MUS 320:  The Art of Performing
MUS 380:  Literature of the Instrument
MUS 395:  Pedagogy for the Singing Voice
MUS 425:  Choral Literature