The piano program at Rollins College offers a highly comprehensive curriculum that allows students to take weekly lessons and piano classes with artist teachers and to participate in master classes with internationally known artists. These lessons and classes provide students with the necessary technical, analytical, and stylistic skills to understand music in all its complex dimensions and implications. The program also provides opportunities for students to learn pedagogical methodologies, investigate the history of the instrument, and study collaborative repertoire with courses such as piano pedagogy and pedagogy practicum, literature of the instrument, chamber music, and accompanying. This all-encompassing training prepares students to be true musicians who can learn a piece of music and communicate it to the audience with insightful understanding, sincerity and integrity. Students in the piano program are active in solo and collaborative recitals. They also participate in piano competitions and conduct extensive research related to the discipline. Graduates of the piano program enjoy a variety of careers in music, which include performance, teaching, and graduate research.

Emily Esposito

Audition Requirements

Candidates are asked to play:

  1. All major and harmonic minor scales, hands together, two octaves in parallel motion.
  2. Arpeggios in major and minor keys, hands together, two octaves in parallel motion.
  3. Two pieces of contrasting characters chosen from the standard piano repertoire as defined by Maurice Hinson’s Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire. Works such as a Two- or Three-part Invention by J. S. Bach, a movement from a sonata by W.A.Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, or a solo work by a 19th or 20th  composer represent the required standard.

Audition requirements outlined above represent minimal requirements; candidates are welcome to substitute works of great difficulty in their auditions.


MUS 380: Literature of the Instrument
MUS 385: Piano Accompanying
MUS 393: Piano Pedagogy I
MUS 394: Piano Pedagogy II: Practicum


Instrumental Chamber Ensemble - Collaborative work with instrumentalists and vocalists.