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Rollins Students Present Fern Creek Elementary Students with Robot Kits

December 11, 2009

What:    Rollins RCC (Rollins Conference Course) students will present robot kits to Fern Creek Elementary students and will help them assemble the robots for a “battle bot” competition.

Associate Professor of Computer Science Dick James and his students have been visiting Fern Creek Elementary for the past three Fridays to work with Fern Creek’s Resource and Gifted Teacher Leonard Connor’s 5th grade class and teaching them how to use robots, doing different experiments and learning new features. 

The Fern Creek students recently came to Rollins to watch the RCC students take part in a their own “battle bot” competition.  Because the Rollins students saw so much the Fern Creek students enjoyed the event,  

When:   Friday, Dec. 11, 2009 at 1 p.m.

Where:  Fern Creek Elementary School

Background:    The Rollins College Conference (RCC), required of all entering first-year students, is an innovative academic program that teams faculty with a small group of students to explore a topic of mutual interest through reading, writing and discussion. Over the course of the semester, the faculty member serves as the student's advisor and two upper-class students serve as peer mentors to assist the new students with coursework and adjusting to college life.  Launched in 1994, RCC is aimed at enhancing student retention by making students feel a part of the Rollins College community. 

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