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October 14, 2010

Rollins 125th Anniversary

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Did you know that Rollins ...

Pioneered the conference style of teaching.

Rather than listening to lectures, students engage in lively conversations—often around conference tables that have been on campus since the 1940s. Professors are not the “sage on the stage,” but rather serve as the “guide on the side.”

All first-year students participate in the Rollins College Conference (RCC).

To facilitate greater connections, first-year students choose from one of 30 different RCC seminar classes. A small group of 15-17 students is teamed with a professor with whom they explore a subject of mutual interest through reading, writing and experiential learning. Launched in 1994, Rollins was one of the first colleges to offer this style of seminar courses … and most colleges and universities have followed suit.

Boasts a “Walk of Fame.”

President Hamilton Holt dedicated the College’s Walk of Fame in 1929. Today, it consists of more than 500 stones representing iconic figures, including artists, philosophers, inventors and scientists, as well as some historical remnants, such as a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Is Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The late Fred Rogers, creator of the children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, is a Rollins graduate. In 1991, Rogers donated pieces of his signature wardrobe—a sweater and sneakers—to the school’s Olin Library.

Likes Ike on Its Air Waves.

Rollins’ own 91.5 WPRK was Winter Park’s first FM radio station. In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower welcomed the station to the air during its first transmission. Listen to the sound byte.

Showcases Mayflower Artifacts.

A 15-inch piece from the original Mayflower ship, which transported Pilgrims to America, resides in the College’s Mayflower Hall. The artifact was a gift to President Holt, along with a woven quilt from the ship and a piece of Plymouth Rock.

Hosts Nationally Known Guests.

Rollins has attracted many high-profile visitors to campus, including national figures such as Thomas Edison; former President Harry Truman; Maya Angelou; Paul Simon and others. The Winter Park Institute continues the tradition.

Bleeds Blue and Gold … and Pink?

The College’s original school color was rose-pink or oleander. But in 1895, the school’s student newspaper, The Sandspur, lobbied to change the colors to blue and gold (inspired by a china pitcher in the art department).

Celebrates “Fox Day.”

On May 17, 1956, President Hugh McKean started Fox Day, an annual tradition when all classes are cancelled for the day. The exact date of Fox Day changes annually and is only known in advance by the President. Students know it is Fox Day when a three-foot-high, 300-pound fox statue is placed near the center of campus.

Produced Notable Alumni, including:

Donald Cram – One of the winners of the 1987 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work with complex molecules.

Buddy Ebsen – An actor best known for playing Jed Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies, a popular 1960s television show.

Jack Leffingwell – Founder of Leffingwell & Associates, an R&D firm that introduced Sunkist Soda, along with more than 75 other products since 1985.

Muriel Fox – Co-founder of the National Organization for Women and an American women’s rights activist.

Hunt Lowry – Acclaimed film producer whose work includes The Last of the Mohicans, A Time to Kill, A Walk to Remember, White Oleander and Disney’s The Kid.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese – Star of ABC’s reality series The Bachelor Season 9. He’s also a successful entrepreneur in the pet product industry.

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