Education in Action: A Proud Legacy

November 03, 2010

Proud of our Legacy

As a conscientious community partner, corporate citizen and global integrator, Rollins College has provided 125 years of economic, cultural and philanthropic stimulation to Winter Park and the Central Florida region.

When Hamilton Holt became president of Rollins College in 1925, he advocated a revolutionary concept regarding the transfer of knowledge. The memorization of facts, he believed, was not the point of education. Instead, the focus should be on the exchange of ideas and cultivation of thought that would transform knowledge into action. Holt abolished lectures and final exams, incorporating the philosophy that active engagement was not an opportunity but a responsibility.

This forward-thinking approach, which represented a radical expansion of the liberal arts concept originally implemented by the New England Congregationalists who founded the College in 1885, became a distinguishing characteristic of the Rollins experience. It remains a fundamental tenet today.

Under the leadership of current President Lewis M. Duncan, the power of thoughtful action is broader and deeper than ever before, as Rollins reaches out beyond its walls . . . to the local community, the region and the world.

Making a Difference

A Rollins education transcends textbooks, laboratories and lecture halls—connecting students to their community through “service-learning” experiences.

“Our goal is for active citizenship to become a habit. The 21st century classroom is more than just a room with four walls,” said Micki Meyer, director of the Office of Community Engagement, which helps to coordinate off-campus initiatives with nonprofit agencies. “We like to say it takes a community to raise a student. We provide experiences that help create civic-minded individuals, where everyone involved walks away equally transformed.”

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A Symbiotic Relationship

In reality, Rollins has helped to transform Central Florida in many ways—impacting the region academically, culturally and economically. And, the synergy between the College and its hometown is palpable. More...

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Making an Impact

Economically, Rollins gives back to Central Florida, too. Its economic impact on Winter Park alone exceeds $60 million each year.

The most recent economic study showed that the College contributed more than $204.9 million to the Florida economy and supported more than 3,300 jobs. The leadership and executive education programs promote development within Central Florida by educating and connecting local business leaders and philanthropists. More...

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Global Engagement

Although Rollins is woven into the fabric of Central Florida, the College’s vision is far from parochial. For more than a decade, Rollins has been expanding engagement on a global scale. In 2005, the school embarked on an unprecedented effort to internationalize its faculty—an initiative that President Duncan, now in his seventh year, believes is essential to providing a fully rounded education. More...

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Hamilton Holt School – Celebrating 50 years of Educating Working Adults

Operation Bootstrap. Institute for General Studies. Central Florida School for Continuing Studies. The School of Continuing Education. An identity crisis? Not quite. The name changes reflect the evolution of the Hamilton Holt School into the world-class institution of learning it has become. There is much to celebrate this year as the school—which had its genesis in the adult-education courses initially offered to returning World War II vets—marks its golden anniversary. More...

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Did You Know?

Rollins pioneered the conference style of teaching, boasts a "Walk of Fame," is Mister Roger's Neighborhood, and showcases Mayflower artifacts? Find out more about our College's heritage. More...


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