Campus Spotlight: Gerard Short

November 10, 2010

Gerard Short

Gerard Short is a busy man; in addition to being Rollins’ director of Dining Services, he also is on the Service Excellence Committee, the Sustainability Committee and the Food Committee. Short has always been in the food industry and five years ago, he made the decision to move further down south.

“I decided I wanted to be in Florida, and an opportunity presented itself,” he said.

Short is most passionate about providing the students with the best food and service that he and the staff can.  “I value the people I work with,” he said.  “I’m nothing without them; you’re only as good as your cast.” In addition to his love for his job, he cares deeply about giving back to the community, which is why he is a co-chair on the Helping Hands program at Rollins. Rollins first partnered with Second Harvest four years ago.  In the beginning, Rollins froze leftover food and gave it to the organization twice a week, but then Rollins became involved with the food drive and the rest is history.

“We decided that Rollins would be a great venue to sponsor Helping Hands,” Short said.

With the goal only halfway met, and with the drive ending November 12, Short urges everyone to donate food or money. “Will $10 make a difference in our lives if we donate it to feed the children in our community?” he asked?  It is clear that the answer to his question is “no.” Short became animated once on the topic of Helping Hands and community service in general. He said that it made sense to have Rollins host Helping Hands because of Rollins’ strong philanthropic reputation.

“Rollins is just so good at so many different things and we want to be recognized for it,” he said.

When pressed for more information about himself, Short finally admitted that he has been told that he has a good radio voice and that one of his goals is to build a house for the homeless. Another dream is to do a renovation of the Campus Center, “so that it represents the quality of the food served in it.” 

Short has brought to Rollins a partnership with Helping Hands, an excellent Dining staff, a wide variety of food choices for the students and he is, of course, always open to more suggestions regarding improvement. He is thrilled with his life on campus and it shows in the work he does.

“I am truly honored to work at an institution like Rollins,” Short said.

By Julia Campbell (Class of 2014)

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