Katie Marzullo '02 Sends a Short Film to Cannes

June 06, 2012

Katie Marzullo '02

Katie Marzullo '02 has been dreaming of moving to L.A. for as far back as she can remember. The theatre major turned writer, director, and burgeoning producer oozes creativity and knew in her bones that she needed a creative place to blossom.

“I've wanted to be in the entertainment business my whole life,” she said. “But my education was always a priority. I was lucky that Rollins not only provided a great academic experience but it also kept my creative juices flowing.” After graduation, Marzullo returned home to Jupiter, Florida, and got “a boring desk job” to pay the bills.

“One day I realized that I was never going to achieve my dreams in Jupiter,” Marzullo said. “So, I packed up and drove cross-country to L.A. and enrolled in film school. It was another one of those wonderfully serendipitous things.” Marzullo got her film degree at Columbia College Hollywood in 2009, and began designing a life filled with creative pursuits, including directing a short film titled, “Miracle Mile Girls,” which screened at the 2012 Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival.

How did you come to direct "Miracle Mile Girls?"

An actress who had helped me out on my thesis project for film school wanted to write and produce a biographical story and she asked me if I would direct it. I was more than happy to do so, as I was keen at the time to get some non-film school projects under my belt.

Truth be told, it was a rather challenging experience on many levels, but I marched forward and got the job done. And wouldn't you know it, the finished product was accepted at the Cannes Film Festival this year. For me, it was a great life lesson: see things through to the end, keep moving forward, don't give up, and you will be rewarded. That's how I look at it.

What else are you doing out in L.A.?

Currently, I am the editorial coordinator for a celebu-tainment website called YoungHollywood.com. We're unique in that we, as I like to say, are the "anti-TMZ" because we avoid gossip and exploitation, and prefer to keep things on the positive. Which is probably a good rule of thumb for life in general, don't you think?

I am in charge of all written content—articles, video descriptions, etc. I have a lot of creative freedom, which is great. I was very lucky that my first job in the industry was not only a creative one, but it was not an assistant job. I run the entire department and get to call the shots. But I also get to work on my own side projects in my spare time. I feel very fortunate for that.

Where can we see some of your work?

You can check out some of my film work on my Vimeo page, including a couple short pieces based on my original play '...and the camel checked in.', which premiered at the Fred Stone Theatre during my senior year at Rollins! I also have my own website which folks can check out for updates and such.

What's next for you?

I just shot another short film in January titled, "Phoenix Song," which I am really excited about. Right now, it's in post-production, but when it is completed, it will be part of a proposal I am putting together for a TV series I'm writing. The intention of the film is to help me promote and sell the series to a major network. I also plan to hit the festival circuit with it as a stand-alone project. Who knows, maybe it will enjoy a little Cannes love as well... Stay tuned!

By Kristen Manieri

Office of Marketing & Communications
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