Residency Requirement

All full-time Arts & Science and College of Professional Studies students with less than 60 semester hours (or two years full-time college/university experience) must live on campus.


Exceptions are made for students who meet one or more of the below descriptions:

  • students who are at least 21 years of age
  • students who are married
  • reside with their parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile commutable radius of the campus
    • In order to be approved for commuter status, students must provide a notarized letter from parent/guardian stating that the student will be living at home. The letter should include the home address and a copy of the parent/guardian's driver's license with matching address.


In order to receive approval to live off campus with less than 60 credit hours, students must apply for exemption by visiting and completing the Application for Housing Exemption.