Campus Safety



Campus Safety


Rollins College has enjoyed a relatively safe and secure environment throughout its existence. Within this small, liberal arts institution, students, faculty, and staff enjoy daily positive interactions within a tightly-knit community setting. As a service-oriented department of the Vice President and Treasurer, Campus Safety has maintained the goal of serving the needs of the college community and ensuring everyone’s safety, while exerting considerable effort in continuing to build a strong sense of community.

As a relatively small department that is comprised of 24 staff members, we function in essentially 6 roles: Safety Officers, Supervision, Dispatch Personnel, Emergency Management and Planning, R-Card (I.D.) Management, and Administrative Staff. The role of the department is to protect life and property, preserve peace, recover lost/stolen property, perform support services, maintain a sense of community security and confidence, and ensure compliance with all college rules and regulations.

In maintaining our principal aim of service to the college community, our message is one of a team concept. Realizing that ours is a singular but progressive role, we want to communicate that it is important for us to have your understanding, cooperation and assistance in order to better serve you.


Kenneth H. Miller
Director of Campus Safety

24-hour, Emergency on Campus

407-646-2999 x2999

Emergency off Campus


Rollins College, Campus Safety Department

1000 Holt Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789