Operations Section

The Operations Section is responsible for a multitude of day to day activities, including:

Prevention Programs

Assist in delivering Crime Prevention and Risk Reduction Programs to members of the College Community.


Investigations involving violations of the Code of Community Standards or Criminal Cases is coordinated by a team within the Campus Safety Department. A member of the team is available 24-Hours a day. All calls can be directed to 407-646-2999.

Rollins College Campus Safety maintains a close working relationship with the Winter Park Police Department  and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

General Patrol

Rollins College Campus Safety provides 24-Hour response to call for service, provides routine and directed patrol activities, parking enforcement, and preliminary investigation of most –campus incidents. Cases needing further follow-up are forwarded to an Investigation Team.

Operations Coordinators Fernando Rodriguez (frodriguez@rollins.edu) and Bayrex Rodriguez (brodriguez@rollins.edu) are responsible for the operation of this section.