Need help searching for something relating to R-Card?  Below are a list of frequently asked questions that will answer any questions you might have or help you navigate your way through the site.
If there are questions you would like to have answered or cannot find information on our site, please feel free to contact us.


Access Control Q&A


Q:  "I am part of a fraternity or sorority and would like access into my house.  Can the R-Card grant my access to that building?"

A:  No.  Only the office of Residential Life can grant access into a residential hall.  If you are part of a Greek Life organization and do not have access to your organization's house, please contact your house manager and request that they provide an updated list of members to Residential Life.


Accounts for Purchase Q&A


Q:  "Can I withdraw money from my R-Card?"

A:  A cardholder can only receive the funds out of their self-funded accounts once the cardholder officially leaves the college (ex. graduates, withdrawal, resign from a position, retire).  The account must have more than $10 remaining in the account to be eligible for a refund.  For a list of self-funded accounts, please click here.  Refunds are processed by the Office of the Bursar about 6-8 weeks after exit from the college.  If you have not received a refund after that time frame, please contact the Office of the Bursar at 407-646-2252.


Q:  "Can I transfer funds to another cardholder?"

A:  No.  A cardholder can, however, purchase an item for an individual as long as they are present with their R-Card at the time of purchase.


Q:  "Can someone else use my R-Card to make purchases?"

A:  No.  Purchases can only be made by the cardholder with his or her own R-Card.  No other exceptions can be made.


Q:  "The vending machine accepted my TAR BUC$ funds and accepted my product selection, but it did not dispense a product.  Can I get a refund?"

A:  Yes.  For refunds, please visit the Bursar Office window for assistance.   Make sure you indicate the physical location where the vending machine is, the location number, the label identification code (if available), and present your R-Card.  Indicate the amount that was lost in the vending machine as well to receive the refund.  For any questions regarding refund procedures, please contact the Office of the Bursar at 407-646-2252.


Identification Q&A


Q:  "Can I have more than one R-Card?"

A:  No.  It is good practice to shred an old R-Card to avoid potential use by another individual and to avoid confusion of which card is active or inactive.  All old cards are no longer active when a new card is printed.


Q:  "I found an old card.  Can you reactivate this card instead of printing a new one?

A:  No.  Printing out a replacement card is required when a card is lost or stolen.  This practice is to help avoid the existence of duplicate cards.  All replacement cards are subject to a fee and must be paid with either cash, check, credit cards, or, for students, their R-Card charge account.