Bicycle Library Program



Having a bike and taking it out with friends to a park or on a cycle ride in the countryside can effectively de-stress and relax you.



Student Coordinator working on bikes

Riding a bike can reduce your carbon footprint if you choose not to drive but cycle instead.

By cycling you are getting more exercise which can help you develop stronger muscles and bones, as well as helping to loose weight which can be a risk factor in a number of diseases.


Students pumping Melodeego bikes

 When you ride a bike you have the breeze in your face and the enjoyment of finishing a long ride.


Local bike ride


Rollins has a bike program?

That’s right!  Since Fall 2009, Rollins has had our very own bike program.

Wanting to promote alternative methods of transportation on campus, the Sustainability Program along with a few student organizations came up with the idea that the Rollins community can check out a bike, just like a book! A student, faculty or staff member just simply needs to show their Rollins ID at the circulation desk in Olin Library to check out a bike for three days. At no cost!

Once you have the key, you just walk over to the Alfond Sportscenter or next to the Annie Russell Theatre where you will find your bike. In addition to the bike, you can also ask for a helmet, or light, and there is a U-Bolt lock to use to keep it safe. You can use our hybrid bikes for leisure around Winter Park, for going places around town or on campus.  Or, you can use the bike for an extreme work-out in the fresh air.

The student-run Sustainability Coordinators will inspect the bikes each time one comes back to make sure the bikes are in good working condition to be checked out again.  We work with a local bike shop for maintenance if needed.  The Bike Program is really go check out a bike today!  Hop on it knowing that its good for your health, good for clean air and good for the environment!

  • Make sure to turn them in on time! Late fees are $10 a day.
  • An air pump is available if needed.
  • Since the Sustainability Coordinators check for maintenance our bikes should be in good condition.  But it is still recommended to look out for any problems and report them to the Olin Circulation Desk when turning the key back in.
  • When you lock up, make sure you are locking the frame of the bike, or else they could get stolen.  Best practice is to back the bike in to lock the frame to the bike rack.
  • Have fun, be safe, and love the Earth!!



 Bicycle map for local shopping!!


 Sustainability at Rollins


bike fleet

Gasoline and parking are expensive.  After the initial cost of the bike and the necessary safety equipment, cycling is almost free from cost.