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Get directions to Rollins, find parking, and navigate campus like a pro with the Rollins College campus map.

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Our easy-to-use interactive campus map allows you find virtually anything on campus, get directions to where you need to go, or share a destination with friends or family. Follow this quick guide to the map’s feature and start using it today.

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The map is divided into a number of categories—from academic buildings and athletic facilities to parking and event venues—which makes it easier to search campus locations by type. If you’re looking for the Alfond Sports Center, for example, you’d find it under the Athletic Facilities category.

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Use the search box to find map locations both by the name of the building, venue, or facility and the department, office, or other college entity housed there. For example, a search for “english” delivers results for Carnegie Hall, the location of the Department of English.

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Once you’ve pinpointed your destination, get driving, biking, or walking directions from an address or your current location. You can also share a link to a specific location to make it easier for friends and family to navigate campus.

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Printable Maps

Campus Map & Directory

This campus map that includes a directory of all academic and administrative buildings, athletic facilities, event venues, and residential halls.
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Campus Parking Map

Whether you're a member of the Rollins faculty and staff or a student or visitor, this color-coded map of campus parking will show you exactly where to park.
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