2010-2011 Video Gallery

Julian Bond, Civil Rights Then and Now

Mr. Bond's lecture provided the history of failures and successes as America continues to be challenged with issues of diversity and inclusion.

Billy Collins: Horoscopes for the Dead, A Reading

"Luring his readers into the poem with humor, Mr. Collins unwittingly leads them into deeper, more serious places, a kind of journey from the familiar to quirky to unexpected territory, sometimes tender, often profound."

-The New York Times


Kombat Fuzzy and Ghana

Kombat Fuzzy, a native of Ghana, is a specialist on the traditions, customs, and culture of his country, especially as related to African dance.  As a Visiting Scholar in Residence, Kombat Fuzzy recreated the art of African dance through a series of workshops and lectures.

John Gottman: What Makes Relationships Work

Dr. Gottman presented a lecture based on his New York Times bestselling book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work.  Both the book and the presentation drew upon his three-and-a-half decades of breakthrough research with more than 3,000 couples.  He dispels the myths about relationships, teaches specifically what successful couples do to create a long-lasting relationship, and outlines the benefits of a stable, commiteed relationship.

Michael Isaacson, Composer, Conductor, Producer, Educator

The Music of Judaism, Women, and the Holocaust

Ann Kirschner, Whose Story Is It?

Sala Garncarz Kirschner came to America as a war bride and raised her family without speaking of her wartime experiences.  An impending health crisis encouraged Sala to share with her daughter the secret and more than 350 letters and a diary from her years in the camps.  Kirschner discussed what she discovered about her mother and how she translated that very private experience into a public narrative.

Daniel Menaker, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor-in-Chief of Random House

Tears of Laughter, A Reading by Daniel Menaker included excerpts from both his serious and comic works and answered audience questions.  Menaker recounted the story of his indirect involvement in his brother’s untimely death.  Using this contrast, Menaker explained to the audience the lesson he had learned about life’s fragility and how the death of his brother allowed him the freedom to write. Writing, Menaker said, is what allowed him to move past his family’s tragedy.

Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal Theater Critic and Author

Terry Teachout, author of acclaimed biographies of Louis Armstrong, George Balanchine, and H.L. Mencken, is working simultaneously on three creative projects -- each in a different medium.  In this series of public presentations, Mr. Teachout showed how a biography, an opera libretto, and a play move from conception to completion. In collaboration with the Rollins' drama department, Teachout presented his first public performance of staged excerpts from Satchmo at the Waldorf.

Writers and Editors Symposium: Marriages in Limbo

This symposium brought together a master moderator/poet and two prominent members of the New York literary scene to read from their works and discuss the ins and outs of the literary business. Drawing on their deep experience, Daniel Menaker and Roger Rosenblatt, along with Billy Collins, will offer an inside view of how editors and writers manage their delicate negotiations in a time when communications technology seems to be threatening the print medium.